Start your own hosting company? Your dedicated Virtual Private Server (VPS) will be provisioned on our advanced cloud infrastructure. Our infrastructure is designed to minimise lag with our high speed SSD's and Intel Xeon E5-1660 v3 CPU's! Also, 6.5 TB DDoS mitigation is included, for free, at our network edge!
Small VPS Reseller
    4 CPU Cores
    12GB DDR4 RAM
    125GB SSD Storage
    4x IPv4 Addresses
Medium VPS Reseller
    8 CPU Cores
    24GB DDR4 RAM
    250GB SSD Storage
    8x IPv4 addresses
Large VPS Reseller
    12 CPU Cores
    36GB DDR4 RAM
    375GB SSD Storage
    12x IPv4 addresses
XL VPS Reseller
    16 CPU Cores
    48GB DDR4 RAM
    500GB SSD Storage
    16x IPv4 addresses
Huge VPS Reseller
    20 CPU Cores
    60GB DDR4 RAM
    625GB SSD Storage
    20x IPv4 addresses
Huge XL VPS Reseller
    24 CPU Cores
    72GB DDR4 RAM
    750GB SSD Storage
    24x IPv4 addresses
Enormous VPS Reseller
    28 CPU Cores
    84GB DDR4 RAM
    875GB SSD Storage
    28x IPv4 addresses
Enormous XL VPS Reseller
    32 CPU Cores
    96GB DDR4 RAM
    1TB SSD Storage
    32x IPv4 addresses
Gigantic VPS Reseller
    36 CPU Cores
    108GB DDR4 RAM
    1.125TB SSD Storage
    36x IPv4 addresses
Gigantic XL VPS Reseller
    40 CPU Cores
    120GB DDR4 RAM
    1.250TB SSD Storage
    40x IPv4 addresses
Colossal VPS Reseller
    44 CPU Cores
    132GB DDR4 RAM
    1.375TB SSD Storage
    44x IPv4 addresses
Colossal XL VPS Reseller
    48 CPU Cores
    144GB DDR4 RAM
    1.5TB SSD Storage
    48x IPv4 addresses
Included With Every Plan
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